In Java People Hijack Rice Fields Using Cows, In Papua Using Pigs – In Java and Sumatra, farmers hijack the fields using cows. It is different in the Arfak Mountains, West Papua. Farmland is plowed with pigs.

Pigs for the Moile Tribe who live in the Minyambow District, Arfak Mountains, West Papua are a very high-value wealth. Pigs are savings, as well as treasures that can solve various customary problems.

In addition, pigs are also used to assist them in cultivating the land. By the Moile Tribe, pigs are allowed to roam freely, looking for their own food. In the morning they are released, then in the evening, they go home alone to the cage.

The pig used to help cultivate the land, the Moile tribe calls it Na Temti which means a pig that always digs the soil.

Cultivating the land with pigs for the Moile Tribe is an effective and efficient way, because Moile farmers do not have to spend money to pay people to hoe the land with shovels.

The trick is that the garden fence is opened, the pigs are allowed to roam freely into the garden to scavenge and dig the soil as deep as 10 to 30 cm. These pigs look for worms and crop residues, namely sweet potatoes, peanuts, potatoes, carrots and cassava.

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The time required to cultivate the land is not determined, the more pigs that enter the garden, the faster the work of cultivating the land will be completed.

In addition to their own pigs, pigs belonging to other farmers are also welcome to freely enter the garden to be planted.

Once the land is considered arable, then the garden fence is closed, and pigs are not allowed to enter it again. Unique isn’t it?

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