Yapen Regent Appreciates Tolerance of GKI Imanuel

goodmorningpapua.com – The Regent of the Yapen Islands Regency, Tonny Tesar, appreciated the tolerance shown by the management of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Imanuel Serui during the Eid Al-Fitr 1442 Hijri Celebration coinciding with the Ascension of Jesus Christ.

He said this while attending the GKI Imanuel Serui Anniversary Celebration, Tuesday night. The celebration was also attended by Yapen Deputy Regent Frans Sanadi and a number of Yapen Regency Government officials.

“I represent the Regional Government appreciate very much the religious tolerance carried out by the management of GKI Imanuel, by upholding this attitude of tolerance which will make us always peaceful and progressive,” said Tonny Tesar.

The GKI Immanuel Church itself is a church that was originally named Juliana Kerk, when it was still under the Dutch Government. Year after year many changes were made until it was established by GKI Immanuel in 1972.

Currently, the GKI Immanuel Congregation reaches more than 500 congregations, and also plays a role in government development, especially in terms of religion.

Regent Tonny Tesar hopes that as GKI Imanuel gets older, it will further improve the already good service. He also expressed his gratitude to the church management who had complied with the health protocols

“The age of 99 years is not easy, but the Immanuel Church remains to be consistent in its service focusing on the Tri Vocations, namely fellowship, witness and serve,” he said.

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