Yapen Local Government Supports Ansor Cadres Active in Organizations

goodmorningpapua.com – The Regional Government of the Yapen Islands Regency supports the step of the Ansor Cadres to be more active in organizing, especially in socio-religious activities.

This support was conveyed by the Deputy Regent of Yapen Frans Sandi when opening the integrated basic education and training (diklatsar) of Banser and further cadre education as well as the first Conference of GP Ansor in Yapen Islands, Friday 19 November 2021.

“We support this good step, of course, so that the Ansor Cadres are more active in organizing, especially socio-religious activities,” said Frans Sanadi in the courtyard of the Al-Muhajirin Mosque, KPR, Serui

In the training, which was attended by 51 participants and attended by the Chair of the Papua GP Ansor, Frans Sanadi hoped that the Banser movement could support all forms of development in the Yapen Islands Regency.

“I am sure that with this training, in the future all cadres can have good personalities and knowledge, so that they can be useful for many people and for development in Yapen,” said Frans.

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