Wood Fossils, the Best Raw Material for Agate from Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Gold until the class one destinations are some of the best potential of Papua. In it there are also wood fossils commonly used as agate.

A research of Papuan Archaeological Center in the western hills of Kampung Abar, Ebungfauw District, Jayapura Regency succeeded to find wood fossils. These are found at a height of 162 masl.

To reach the location of the discovery of the wood fossil, a traveler had to walk along the village road then proceed to the next pathway with climbing a hill. All surface landscapes are in the form of Sabana.

The trip takes about an hour under the hot sun, without a single shade tree. After passing the top of the hill, the location of the people in which they take the clay of pottery materials, then arrived at the location of the discovery of wood fossils.

This wooden fossil is found in the soil layer which is eroded by rainwater. The wood fossils are found in the form of trees, brown, petrified wood fibers. This fossil was found in a brown soil, clay, mixed with limestone gravel.

Geologically, this wood fossil is in the same type of soil as the discovered sea molluska fossils in the Lake Emfote or Lake Love. It is estimated that this fossil is part of the geological process of the formation of the Sentani Lake for millions of years ago.

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Naftali Felle, Chief of Tribe ABAR said, in 2015 when the season of agate arrived, residents of Kampung Abar are looking for wood fossils for sale as a agate. Even when the Minister of Tourism at the time, Arief Yahya, by the residents of Kampung Abar was given a souvenir of wooden fossil agate, when inaugurating a solar power plant (PLTS) in Kampung Abar on June 20, 2015.

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