Women Are Called the Backbone of Papuan Nature Conservation

goodmorningpapua.com – A Researcher at the University of Papua Yustina Lina Dina Wambrauw, said that the backbone of nature conservation in Papua is women or mothers.

In this event organized by the Association for the Improvement of Small Business (PUPUK) in collaboration with The Asia Foundation (TAF), Yustina explained that the Papuan women have a close relationship with the forest.

The daily life of Papuan mothers, said Yustina, is to go to the forest for looking for food materials and then cook them in the kitchen.

Women are the people who because of them the food will always be there for the family. They are familiar with the forest. Their role depends on what the forest produces, which is why they will always preserve the forest,” said Yustina, in a podcast titled ‘Sustainable Forest Women in Papua’, Wednesday (25/8/2021).

In addition, continued Yustina, when being viewed from the perspective of women, women have three roles including domestic, environmental, and social. So it can be said that women in Papua actually get a double role.

“Yes, on the one hand they have to help their husbands with their work and on the other, they must always be able to complete their tasks, which is to seek food in the forest and cook it for the family,” said Yustina.

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Seeing the portrait, Yustina regretted one thing. According to Yustina, even though the mothers go to the forest every day, they even feel that they are part of it, they are still ignored.

“They often don’t think that their voices are not heard, just because they are uneducated, even though they are actually the ones who know more about Papua’s forests. The idea is definitely more genuine than the one at the university,” said Yustina.

Meanwhile, in the 1st series of the Podcast session of the Papuan Food Product Market Collaboration which is part of the Torang Pu Para Para Festival, Martha Mandosir as a Policy Analyst at the Regional Secretariat (Setda) of Papua Province said that the government had provided various supports for sustainable forest programs. .

This support includes the conservation of natural resources, sago cultivation, fisheries, and so on, all of which are carried out by the Regional Work Units (SKPD). However, Martha admits that there are still many weaknesses from the government regarding this matter.

“However, we are still weak in preparing regulations supporting women’s activities to participate in forest conservation. Weak in facilities. The facilities actually exist, but they don’t match what they need, regarding service, we also still need a lot of improvement. The point is that being compared to Papua’s wealth, from the government there are still many things that must be pursued,” he added.

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Martha also revealed the government’s plan to start in boosting the use of a new paradigm in forest management. The paradigm is how to reduce timber yields from forests and increase non-timber forest products and environmental services. That is important, said Martha, because only then can Papua’s forests be sustainable, ecosystems maintained, biodiversity in them protected from extinction, and that will obviously improve environmental services.

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