White Sand at the Peak of the Baliem Valley Mountains, a Portrait of Papua’s Natural Miracle

goodmorningpapua.com – Without a doubt, Papua has so many stunning and eye-pleasing landscapes. In fact, many natural phenomena that look miraculous occur on this Cendrawasih Earth. It doesn’t make sense, but this natural phenomenon really happens there.

Of the many natural wonders in Papua, one of which is the white sand dune. Not very well known, but what is certain is that white sand dune has a stunning and unique landscape.

This miracle can only be found in Wamena, namely the presence of white sand in the Wamena highlands. Located at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level with temperatures ranging from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, some areas in the highlands have white sand like sand found on the beach. Some of these highland areas are in Pisugi District, namely Aikima Village, Tulem Village and Habema.

The white sand in the highlands seems to “flow” between the green hills tucked with rocks. Maybe you have thought in the minds of friends, where does the soft white sand that should be on the beach with the hot weather come from?

Apparently, the existence of white sand in the Wamena highlands has existed for a long time, it’s just that the stretch of white sand was not in the form of a plain, but a large lake called Lake Wio which is now called the Baliem Valley. Quoted from the Peson Indonesia page, in 1813 a terrible earthquake occurred which resulted in the shift of the earth’s plates and geological changes.

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After the incident, the water of Lake Wio began to dry up until it receded which now forms a valley filled with white sand originating from the bottom of Lake Wio. The water from Lake Wio did not just disappear, but turned into a river which is now called the Baliem river. From that time until now, a stretch of white sand was formed in the Baliem Valley and the Baliem river which increasingly colored the lives of the local community, namely the Dani Tribe.

Another fact that the Baliem Valley is formed from a dry lake is that it is easy to find coral rocks and the remains of shell houses scattered on the white sand. This is what is called the little miracle of Wamena, the Baliem Valley with a stretch of white sand that is formed naturally from natural phenomena.

In addition to the beauty of the white sand that adorns the green hills, another beauty found in the Wamena highlands is the discovery of beautiful flowers that are difficult to find and grow in other places. One of these flowers is the trumpet flower and sunflower.

The most interesting activity at Bukit Pasir Putih is trying to climb to the top of the hill, and see the surrounding landscape. Anyone will be amazed by this natural wonder, a stretch of white sand in the middle of the green meadows of the Baliem Valley. In addition, taking selfies can also be the next option, because it would be a shame to visit a place as beautiful as this if it was not captured in a photo frame for future memories. No need to worry, there are many beautiful and enchanting spots that can be used as your best photo background at white sand dune.

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