West Papua PWI Conference II, Kasuari Military Commander Invokes Journalists to Fight against Hoaxes

goodmorningpapua.com – Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari, Major General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa invites journalists in West Papua to fight against hoaxes in educating the public through news presentations.

“The task of fellow journalists is quite heavy, how to educate the public, present healthy news, don’t let our society get lost in reading so much news,” Cantiasa said in a speech at the West Papua Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) II Working Conference in Aston Niu Manokwari Hotel, Friday 10 December 2021.

According to Cantiasa, journalists are one of the agents of change, by designing things to change for the better and this has been stated in the national goal of how to educate the nation’s life.

This condition is achieved by the task of journalism, one of which is through the news conveyed. As one of the components of the nation, journalists are expected to jointly develop the land of West Papua.

Cantiasa said that as agents of change, journalists are responsible for what is written, especially since the pen as a journalist’s weapon is currently more dangerous than bullets.

“If this pen weapon is misused by making misleading news, hoaxes , we are over. So this task is very difficult, apart from the mandate, it is also our challenge in carrying out the task,” said Cantiasa.

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Cantiasa also reminded members of the press in conducting their moral duties to present healthy, quality news and not cause the situation to become restless. This is because journalists also play a role in political education for the community.

“People in the press are also good communicators with the community, with the freedom and progress of the press it is hoped that it will not be misused. It must be independent and remains to uphold to the journalistic code of ethics,” he said.

The former Danjen Kopassus hopes that PWI can take steps in a collaborative strategy because it is not enough just to have dialogue to execute the challenges ahead.

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