Welcoming PON, Government Provides Guidance on Making Souvenirs in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – To welcome the National Sports Week (PON) XX 2021, which is planned to be held in October, the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) will provide strengthening of the vocational capabilities of Papuans with guidance on sewing t-shirts, souvenirs and souvenirs.

“We will teach Papuan children the skills of sewing t-shirts, souvenirs and souvenirs, which can be presented at the PON XX on October 2021. I will bring several units of the sewing machines to Papua,” said the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini, when receiving sewing machine assistance, at the Ministry of Social Affairs Office, Friday (6/8/2021).

Today, the Ministry of Social Affairs received assistance in the form of 100 units of the Singer sewing machines. The ceremonial handover of the sewing machine was held in the main lobby at the Ministry of Social Affairs Office, Jalan Salemba 28, Jakarta.

“I am sure, this sewing machine assistance is very useful, especially during the pandemic. Thank you to the Singer sewing machine distributors who have been intended to provide assistance,” said the Minister of Social Affairs.

On this occasion, Risma stated that the sewing machine assistance is expected to strengthen the productivity of Papuans, which in turn will increase their income. The plan is that some sewing machines will be brought along with the Social Minister’s visit to Papua tonight. The sewing machines will also be distributed to marginalized groups, including scavengers.

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“The sewing machines will also be distributed to scavengers, because there are scavengers who have sewing skills as well. They can make masks which we will buy later, and then we will give them to people in need,” said the Minister of Social Affairs.

The Ministry of Social Affairs pays full attention to the empowerment of marginalized groups, such as the homeless, scavengers, and persons with disabilities, with the support of strengthening vocational abilities. Since the beginning of his tenure, Risma initiated the establishment of the Attention Creation Center (SKA)

Through SKA, beneficiaries are given social psychological guidance, vocational training and entrepreneurship development such as processing compost, liquid fertilizer, hydroponic vegetables, chicken eggs and magot (catfish feed) as well as porang and grape agro-tourism. At SKA, they are also given mentoring and strengthening entrepreneurship by providing stands/outlets such as cafes, laundry, batik, handicrafts, and grocery stores.

Now SKA outlets are spread across various locations such as Balai Pangudi Luhur Bekasi, Balai Besar Kartini Temanggung, Balai Antasena Magelang, Balai Ciungwanara Bogor, Balai Mulyajaya Jakarta, Balai Toddopuli Makassar, Mahatmiya Hall Bali, Paramita Mataram Hall, Dharma Guna Bengkulu Hall and Palu Nipotowe Hall.

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