Welcoming Christmas, Santa Claus Visits Child Patients at Manokwari Navy Hospital

goodmorningpapua.com – The excitement of Christmas can be felt by anyone, including hospitalized patients. As carried out by the big family of the Naval Hospital Dr. Azar Zahir (RS AL) Manokwari.

To spread the pleasure of Christmas, a medical personnel wearing Santa Claus costumes and beautiful fairies visited a sick baby, a teenager, on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

A chairperson of the 2021 Oikumene Christmas Committee at the Manokwari Navy Hospital, Andy Sahertian, said that acts of love for pediatric patients have often been carried out when welcoming Christmas.

“We just want to give encouragement to the families of sick children to get well soon, even though there are children whose reactions are a little different, because they are afraid but ultimately want to be with Santa Claus,” Andy said to reporters with a smile telling the reactions of the kids.

The joy of Christmas, said Andy, was carried out by visiting every ward, classroom to patients in the Emergency Room Unit (ER) at the Navy Hospital to share Christmas gifts.

“We’re doing what we can to help the kids get a little better,” said Andy who also

Andy said that sharing this compassion is not only for patients who are Christians. Because, not all patients treated at the Navy Hospital will celebrate Christmas.

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“Indeed, not all patients are Christian but sharing compassions so that these children recover quickly, regardless of religion.  By sharing love, certainly, tolerance between religious communities will have a positive impact on families and patients,” he said.

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