Vice President: We Must Listen to the Aspirations of the Papuan People – Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin said that one of the government’s efforts in accelerating welfare development in Papua is doing communication with various community leaders. Besides, the role of the media is also very much needed to realize this positive goal.

“We continue to communicate with them. What do they really need? This is what we are continuing to do,” said Kiai Ma’ruf on the Deddy Corbuzier Podcast, Tuesday (4/1/2022).

Kiai Ma’ruf said this was done so that the plan for accelerating welfare development could be in accordance with the goals and right on target so that it was necessary to pay attention to the needs of the Papuan people. “We also have to listen to the aspirations of the Papuan people,” he said.

When asked about what the Papuan people need, the Vice President explained that they really want education and health services. Then also infrastructure that reaches their area, to where they live.

“Then also build training centers. Afterwards how to empower people in Papua, handling poverty, especially extreme ones. We keep doing that. Together with local governments and non-government figures,” explained the Vice President.

In a conversation that lasted for approximately one hour, the Vice President also conveyed the government’s plans such as eradicating extreme poverty, reforming the bureaucracy, and advancing the sport achievements of the nation’s children through the Great Design of National Sports (DBON).

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“We are making the name DBON, the Great Design of National Sports. It is intended for those who from childhood have been designed to become sports experts in their respective fields,” explained the Vice President. With the existence of DBON, it is expected to be able to build the talents of athletes so that they are able to succeed because of the abilities that have been prepared from an early age. “For example, if you win or succeed, it will not be by accident, but because it is designed to be a winner with talent that is really built,” he concluded.

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