Various Souvenirs of PON Papua Begin to be Sold in the Online Market – Various collections of merchandise or souvenirs for the National Sports Week (PON) XX Papua, ranging from t-shirts, hats, to cool shoes, have now started to be sold in various marketplaces or online markets.

PON Papua does not only present competition among Indonesian athletes. The organizers also collaborate with the creative industry, both Papuan local brands and national ones.

The organizers of PON Papua engaged 12 local and national brands as well as 12 artisans from Indonesia. They present t-shirts and shoes with typically unique and attractive designs of the four-year sporting event.

Based on the official website of PON Papua, a number of local and national brands are involved in this collaboration, including Exodos, Dominate, Urbain, Brodee, Biabom, Club Bike Bike, Papuan Culture, Exotis Papua and Noken Clothing.

Meanwhile, the artisans taking part came from various regions, one of which was Jakarta, namely @aryamularama, @cycrowd and @bungafatia. Then there are those from Bandung, namely @fyrman.a and @semproelart.

There are also from Papua, namely @fajarartwork, @michaelyandevis and @asyersembiring. The rest include @blelozz (Bali), @novitoyoga (Surabaya), @theremon (Solo) and @dwskellington (Medan).

They all expressed creativity together through works in the form of cool and contemporary outfits. For example, Exodos and Dominate who raised indigenous Papuan local wisdom with Melle Taba cloth accents.

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Besides, there is also a native Papuan brand, Brodeer, which embeds the Kangpho mascot on its shoe design.

Moreover, there are also designs that describe the various sports that are competed at PON XX Papua, such as rowing which is the result of the collaboration between Papuan Culture and Asyer Sembiring which presents an artisan style.

Other sports, ranging from rock climbing, pencak silat, gymnastics to soccer, also come with designs that will make the wearer confident.

The price of the cool merchandise starts from Rp. 100 thousand. To find out more about the products, buyers can directly visit the official website of PON XX Papua,

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