Traffic Violators in Papua Increase, Operation Zebra 2021 Rebukes 431 Riders – The Papuan Police noted an increasing of traffic violations in Operation Zebra Cartenz 2021 which was held since November 15, 2021. It was recorded that 431 received reprimand for 7 days of operation.

“A total of 431 traffic violators were rebruked in Operation Zebra Cartenz 2021 on the seventh day. The number of reprimands has increased by 78 violators compared to 2020 as many as 353 violators,” said a Chief of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Kombes Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

In the operation carried out by the Papuan Police and staff, Kamal continued, his party did not experience an increase or decrease. This is because the Papuan Police prioritizes educating the public in the implementation of Operation Zebra 2021.

“Traffic ticket violations are 0 when compared to the implementation of Operation Zebra Cartenz in 2020 as many as 0 violators, so that from this data in 2021 there will be no increase or decrease,” he explained.

The Papuan Police recorded one case of a traffic accident during the 7 days of Operation Zebra Cartenz 2021. The number of cases tends to decrease by 50 percent compared to similar operations in 2020. “This year there was 1 accident case, while the previous year 2 cases,” he explained.

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While the victims of accidents, the Papuan Police recorded a 100 percent increase in 2021 with one death and one minor injury. “If a serious injury is inversely proportional or decreased,” he said.

In Operation Zebra 2021, said Kamal, the Papuan Police will continue to increase the implementation of patrols to crowded and vulnerable places in order to keep the Kamtibmas situation in Jayapura City safe and conducive.

In addition to provide education about traffic order, the police also provide a counsel on preventing Covid-19 to the public by doing 3M namely washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining distance so as to avoid Covid-19.

“As guards, protectors and public servants, we must always remind the public to be strict and disciplined about the Health Protocols in their activities, especially in public spheres,” said Kamal.

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