Traffic Violations in Papua Decrease 72 Percent as long as 2021 – The Papua Regional Police noted a sharp reducing trend in the number of traffic violations by up to 72 percent throughout 2021.

“Based on the data, the number of traffic violations in the form of fines in 2020 reached 17,273 cases, while in 2021 from January-October it reached 4,863 cases or there are the decline in the trend is 72 percent,” said a Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri while leading the 2021 Zebra Cartenz Operation troop assembly, Monday, November 15, 2201.

In addition to violations, continued Fakhiri, the decreasing trend also occurred in the number of traffic accidents throughout 2021, which reached 826 incidents, or a decrease of 45 percent compared to 2020 which reached 1,500 incidents.

“With the death toll in 2020 as many as 223 persons and in 2021 for the January to October period there were 114 persons or there was a 49 percent decline in trend,” explained Fakhiri.

The downward trend also occurred in the number of serious injuries due to accidents which totaled 498 people or fewer than in 2020 which reached 778 people. Meanwhile, the number of minor injuries decreased by 53 percent from 1,463 people in 2020 to 681 people.

“In terms of material losses in 2021 for the January-October period of Rp. 5,802,800,655, there is an 11 percent decline in trend compared to 2020, with a total loss of Rp. 6,533,002,000,” he explained.

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According to Fakhiri, problems in the traffic sector are developing fast and dynamically. This is a consequence of the increasing number of motorized vehicles and the population, which requires transportation as a means of mobility in meeting their daily needs.

The development of transportation, continued Fakhiri, has also stepped into the digital era, the operation of public transportation services is already in hand, simply by using communication tools.

This modernization needs to be followed by innovation and performance of the Police, especially in the field of traffic, so that they are able to anticipate the impacts that will arise from the modernization of transportation.

“As mandated by Law no. 22 of 2009 concerning road traffic and transportation, we are expected to improve the quality of safety and reduce the fatality rate of accident victims, build a culture of in order traffic and improve the quality of service to the public, “said Fakhiri.

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