Tips for Seeing Birds of Paradise in the Forest of Papua – Tete Hofni Asuwe who is also the leader of the Asuwe Tribe in Tablasupa Village, Depapre District, Jayapura Regency shared tips if tourists would like to see the bird being a mascot of Papua, namely the Bird of Cenderawasih.

As the chief of the tribe, Tete Hofni has three spots or locations to look at birds of paradise, two spots in Amai and the onether in Tablasupa. He said, if you want to see this Bird of Paradise or Burung cendrawasih, the best time is in the morning and evening.

“Usually they ‘play’ in the morning until 09.00 WIT and afternoon around 15.00 WIT until just before sunset,” said Tete Hofni,

Tete Hofni said that the number of Cenderawasih birds in his area currently only remains around 20 and among the dozens of Cenderawasi birds, there is one to be a king.

“The king is here. Sometimes they play to the side of the house to drink water at the river,” he said.

Tete Hofni said, for tourists who want to see birds of paradise, they should not use the stinging perfume because these animals are very sensitive. Besides, you must not make loud noises and you must walk slowly if you want to get near to the location in which the birds play.

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“If you want to take a picture, it’s better to bring a three-legged pot, so we’ll just stay on the spot. If you look at this bird, you can’t chase it where the sound beeps, then we follow it there. It is not allowed, so you just stay on the spot, and then they will come later, “he explained.

Tete Hofni said that he is currently working for developing the three spots that he has to make it more comfortable if tourists visit him. He also has not set a price if there are tourists who want to see the Bird of Paradise.

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