Thousands of Garbage Cleaners Alerted during Papua PON – The Jayapura Regency Government (Pemkab) will involve 1,050 garbage cleaners (executors) who will be on duty during the Papua National Sports Week (PON) XX takes place. Thousands of waste executors will be placed in every venue, athlete shelter, hotel and non-hotel used by guests and officials as well as the Sentani Airport area.

The Coordinator of the Environmental Sub-Sector in Sector IV of the Sub-PB PON of Jayapura Regency, Saferius Manangsang, said that the thousands of waste executors who will be recruited later are people living around the Papua PON venue and other supporting facilities.

He said, in the technical implementation, in each venue there are tens or even hundreds of garbage cleaners who are ready to clean up trash in the venue area, both after the activity and before the activity. Likewise in every athlete shelter, hotel and non-hotel, until the public kitchen and toilets.

The thousands of garbage cleaners, said Manangsang, are equipped with dozens of temporary dumps (TPS), 20 trash containers, 20 dump trucks, 10 trucks, and 39 pick-up trucks. The pick up cars that will move to transport waste from each TPS and take it to a storage container which is then taken to a large TPS in Doyo and also a Final Disposal Site (TPA) in Waibron.

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Manangsang also said that currently his party has carried out socialization to the community, not only as garbage cleaners, but also self-awareness in preserving and caring for the environment in which they are located.

Every citizen must obey and comply the rules that apply to waste disposal in every environment. This is important, so that garbage does not just scatter in every public place, because the officers carrying out cleaning tasks have been set up according to the time of waste disposal by the community.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Sentani District, Yohanes Erol Daisiu, said that in order to welcome the implementation of the Papua PON XX in Jayapura Regency, Sentani City as the entrance for guests who come, every community in each neighborhood, RT/RW, to the village is obliged to maintain cleanliness of their respective environments and maintaining public safety (Kamtibmas).

The former Head of the Demta District also reminded officials at the sub-district, village and RT/RW levels to remind citizens to comply the rules set by the regional government such as vaccines obligatory and discipline in carrying out health protocols as an effort to overcome Covid-19 pandemic.

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