The Unique Clams from Papua, Ugly in Shape but Savory in Taste – On the Kapotar Island, there are endemic clam species. The shape is not attractive, but when cooked it’s taste is very savory. What’s it like?

The Kapotar Island is a small elongated island in the Moora Islands, Cendrawasih Bay area, Nabire, Papua. Because of its elongated shape, this island is often called the Long Island.

The Kapotar Island is very unique, although it is small, there is Mambekora Lake in the southwest part of the island. The Mambekora lake itself has salty water.

This lake has clear water. The edges are bordered by rocks and overgrown with trees.

To reach this lake is from the beach along the path in the coconut garden for about 100 meters.

The Mambekora lake contains an endemic biota, namely shells attached to coral walls or attached to wood. Local people call it a tatoiri clam.

At first glance, the shape is ugly and unattractive. But don’t be mistaken, it’s very tasty. This type of shell is not found anywhere else, only found in the Mambekora Lake.

The water level of the Mambekora Lake follows the tides of the sea. When the water level of the lake recedes, mothers from Mambor Island will look for these shells, they call these shells by the name tatoiri.

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The way of cooking these scallops is very unique. After cleaning with sea water, then doused with hot water. Put aside for a while, then you can enjoy it immediately.

To open a rather hard shell, use a small knife. This tatoiri scallop is not the main side dish, but just a secondary dish.

Tatoiri clams are considered for the people of Mambor as a snack or the mild food, of course it is healthier because it does not use seasonings and preservatives.

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