The Similar Separatist Groups, Here is the Difference between the Papuan KKB and the NRFPB – An Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) are not the only separatist groups on Earth of Cenderawasih. There are a number of other groups including the State of the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB). According to information compiled by, the NRFPB is a separatist organization taking positions through political movements. The goal is the same as the OPM, namely to separate the Papua and West Papua regions from the Republic of Indonesia.

Now the NRFPB with two other groups namely the West Papua National Liberation Coalition (WPNCL) and the West Papua National Parliament (NPWP) are included in one large organization, namely the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP). NRRPB had ever declared a provisional government in Abepura, Jayapura City, Papua in August 2018. The action of the people who were members of this organization went viral until the police dispersed it.

A number of NRFPB actions put political movements forward. This is different from the KKB, which was recently labeled a terrorist group. This armed gang is better known as the West Papua Liberation Army (TNPB), the military wing of the OPM.

On Tuesday (4/5/2021), as many as 20 members and sympathizers of the NRFPB at Nabire District surrendered and returned to the life  of the Republic of Indonesia. Their action was followed directly by Alex Hamberi, the group leader and person who was appointed as the Governor of the NRFPB. This activity of the surrendering of persons was witnessed directly by the ranks of Nabire Police together with traditional leaders, religious and community leaders in Sima Village, Yaur District, Tuesday night.

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The head of Kampung Sima, Daniel Enggeruhi, asked residents to no longer join separatist gangs, even to the armed criminal group (KKB). This is because people in the region are included in Indonesian citizenship.

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