The Path of the Spirits Found, It is the Explanation of the Papuan Archaeological Center – Good news comes from Papua. A researcher from the Papua Archeology Center have succeeded in finding a path of the spirits from the megalithic era.

The research conducted by the Papua Archeology Center at the Khulutiyauw Site, Abar Village, Ebungfauw District, Jayapura Regency found a spirit path in the form of a stone structure arranged in one layer, extending on the surface of the slope from the base of the hill to the top of it.

The peak of Khulutiyauw Hill is 90 meters above sea level. This spirit road has a length of 30 meters and a width of 2 meters. The spirit road is located on the south side of Khulutiyauw Hill.

This spirit path is a relic of the megalithic era. In prehistoric times, this spirit path was associated with religion. This path serves as a medium for the journey of spirits from the human world described as the underworld that is at the base of the hill until the top of it as the upper world which is considered sacred or hieratic.

In prehistoric times, high places such as hilltops were the abode of ancestral spirits or the abode of gods.

It is interesting that this spirit path leads to Mount Cyclops which is north of Lake Sentani. In addition to the arranged stones, on the structure of this spirit road also found fragments of thick-walled pottery.

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This thick-walled pottery is a crock. The jar serves as a container for storing water. If it is related to the context of the spirit path, it is estimated that this pottery is related to religious ceremonies at the Khulutiyauw site.

The highest peak of Khulutiyauw Hill contains megalithic relics in the form of menhirs and stone boards. This stone plank is oriented towards the rising sun. This is related to the sun as the source of life and the ruler of human life so it needs to be worshiped.

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