The Papuan Youth Can Make Indonesia Progress – Young Papuans are considered to have a strong mentality so they can adapt in all situations. This was stated by a academician of Cendrawasih University J.R. Mansoben.

He also assessed that the younger generation of Papua is also able to improve their abilities quickly so that they will be able to lead every environment.

“It has become a basic character so there should be no doubt anymore. Give Papuan youth opportunities, in any field because they can adapt and are able to lead,” he said recently.

For this reason, Mansoben hopes that there will be support for a good education system for all Papuans. Thus, all the potential of Papuan youth can be released to advance the Indonesian state toward a better direction.

The same thing was conveyed by the Chairman of the PP PMKRI Presidium 2020-2022, Benedict Papa. He said, the spirit of Papuan youth was very high. They are also considered to be able to compete, it’s just that these abilities are often not in line with the available opportunities, especially after finishing the education and returning to Papua.

“Therefore, special autonomy must really be able to provide a large space for Papuan human resources,” he said.

He also revealed that the Papuan youths are actually not apathetic because they actually have a high passion to lead. “This needs to be evaluated and improved in the future,” he said.

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