The Papua PON 2021, Jayapura Prepares a Beach Tourism for Tourists – The Jayapura City Tourism Office is preparing a number of beach attractions to support the implementation of the PON XX of Papua which will take place from 2 to 15 October 2021 in Jayapura City.

The Head of the Jayapura City Tourism Office, Matias B Mano, said that the beauty of beach attractions in Jayapura City is a good opportunity for PON athletes to visit, because they can bring in money for the community managing local attractions.

“The Jayapura City Dispar also encourages micro, small and medium businesses to prepare various handicraft products in the form of attractive and quality souvenirs as gifts to take home for visitors who come to Jayapura City,” said Mathis Mano in Jayapura, Thursday (8/7/2021). .

He admitted, the Papua PON event was getting closer so that the Jayapura City Government prepared a number of other natural attractions to support the implementation of the Papua PON.

Head of Tourism Jayapura City Matias Mano said, the city of Jayapura has a beautiful and natural beach tourist attraction.

“The people of Jayapura City are ready to welcome the best athletes from 34 provinces around Indonesia at the Papua PON XX,” he said.

He hopes that the visit of athletes and the contingent of PON XX in Papua can increase the economic income of the local community, especially the managers of tourism objects and SMEs who prepare various types of regional handicraft products.

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The Papua PON XX is scheduled to take place from 2-15 October 2021 to take place in four organizing clusters including Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Mimika and Merauke Regency.

The PON XX in Papua competed in 37 sports, 56 disciplines and 681 the competition numbers, followed by more than 6,000 athletes from 34 provinces in Indonesia.

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