The Old Doyo Megalithic Site, the Tutari Tribe Traces – Based on the results of research from the Papua Archaeological Center, in Doyo Lama Village, Lake Sentani Waibu, Jayapura Regency, Papua was once inhabited by the “Tutari Tribe.”

From scientific studies and folklore received by, the Tutari tribe once lived in a village called “Tutari Yoku Tamaiyoku”.

In that village, the Tutari people live in prosperity, peace, and tranquility, because it has a wide fertile plain in the east and a lake rich in natural resources and fish.

In the story, the cultural heritage of the Tutari Tribe is located on Tutari Hill. His corpse are in the form of an upright stone complex located at the top of a hill, and served as a place for Tutari discussion.

It is said that the standing stones are symbols of the traditional figures who were present at the discussion. The arrangement of the stones in a row represents the success of the Tutari people during the war against the Boroway tribe.

It is known that the number of stones is in accordance with the total of victims who fell. In addition, among the scattered boulders there are several stones in the shape of a bird’s head.

The stones are considered as supernatural beings, who were sent by the ancestors of the Doyo people for destroying the Tutari people.

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Then a stone that is in a standing position, is considered a warlord to give command.

However, in the legend of the Doyo people, it does not tell about the paintings on the rocks at the Tutari Site. 

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