The Library Administrators Orientation to Increase Students’ Interest in Reading – The Jayapura City Library and Archives Office, Papua Province will hold technical guidance or, in an Indonesian abbreviation, BIMTEK,  for library administrators in Elementary School (SD) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) education units.

“It is planned for the first week of September. The participants are 100 library administrators,” said the Head of the Jayapura City Library and Archives Service, Septinus Ireuw, at the Jayapura Mayor’s Office, Thursday (2/9/2021).

Ireuw said, the technical guidance for library practitioners at the elementary and MI levels is to organize and arrange the reading materials as well as  rooms so that they attract the reading interest, as well as boosting a love of reading for students.

“After we give the technical guidance, we conduct monitoring and assistance. The follow-up of this technical guidance is to add reading materials or books in the library,” said Ireuw.

Ireuw said he was optimistic that the output or implementation of the technical guidance would be successful. This is proven in the implementation of the first and second technical guidance, because students easily got the reading material they need.

“The system is an integrated library. So, students no longer have to look for books on the bookshelf but through the monitor by typing the desired reading material. There (the monitor) has written which books are on the shelf or what number, “said Ireuw.

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In addition, continued Ireuw, the technical guidance was successful based on information from the library manager, namely that students were more interested in attending or visiting the library room.

“We don’t know the percentage yet, but the interest in reading in schools is increasing based on reports from schools and our observations,” said Ireuw.

Meanwhile, the Regional Secretary of Jayapura City, Frans Pekey, said that as technology develops, library management must be more modern as a form of excellent, fast, and precise service.

“The wider community is now using the internet more to get information, therefore the library must maintain its existence in the midst of technological developments,” said Pekey.

For  Pekey, a library is said to be modern if it can provide interesting information services for the needs of its users, such as providing a variety of book collections and digital book collections that can be accessed without time limit.

“The data and information the library has are packaged into a neat and attractive media, then presented in a simple way and can be accessed anywhere and anytime,” said Pekey.

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