The ‘Kita Papua’ Cafe Serves Cocoa Drinks from Genyem of Papua ‘Kita Papua’ cafe serves a variety of cocoa beverage to visitors. The cocoa menu of ‘Kita Papua’ cafe processes cakes to cocoa drinks from Genyem District, Jayapura Regency of Papua.

Among the menu, there are various chocolate beverages, chocolate ice cream, chocochip cookies, cocoa powder and chocolate cake. The cafe also offers a stick chocolate, which has now been exported to Japan.

“So, we take the cocoa from the farmers, then process it by ourselves into various drink menus,” said Apri, a worker of the Kakao Kita Papua Cafe, to, Thursday (17/6/2021)

For Apri, this is a local business from CV. Kakao, a company engaged in cocoa.

“So, the cocoa is taken from the farmers assisted by our office, since we only take organic cocoa,” he said.

“Because of it’s not yet a grand opening, so there’s no food, later when it’s a grand opening, there’s a food menu,” he said.

Apri said the most frequently purchased menu items were ice cream and hot chocolate drinks.

“If we use hot chocolate, we use homemade pasta,” he said.

‘Kita Papua Cafe’ is located on Jl. Jeruk Lipis, Kotaraja, Abepura District, Jayapura City. This cafe is open Monday-Friday from 10.00 WIT to 21.00 WIT.

“While on Saturday, it is open at 14.00 WIT until 22.00 WIT, while on Sunday, it is closed,” he added.

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