The Greatest Rainy Season in Papua Predicted January-February – The Center for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BBMKG) Region V Jayapura estimates that Papua will experience the greatest the rainy season in January and February 2022.

A Head of BBMKG Region V Jayapura Cahyo Nugroho, said the seasonal zones (ZOM) are Jayapura City, northern Keerom, Northeastern Jayapura Regency, Jayapura Regency, South and Southeast Sarmi, North and Northeast Tolikara, Southeast Waropen and Northeastern Jayawijaya.

“However, climatologically, the peak of the rainy season generally occurs in January, February and March, where the peak period of the rainy season, heavy rains has a high chance of occurring and can cause hydrometeorological disasters,” he said in Jayapura, quoted by Antara, Sunday, January 16. .

Cahyo appealed to the public and relevant stakeholders to increase their vigilance during the peak period of the rainy season because the potential for heavy rain and strong winds increases and has an impact on potential hydrometeorological disasters such as floods, landslides, fallen trees, flash floods and others.

“People should pay attention to environmental conditions where they live, water channels, tall trees, as well as people who live high up in areas along rivers or at the foot of mountains or hills so that they can also increase their awareness,” he said.

He explained that it is also necessary to watch out for high rainfall intensity in highland or mountainous areas that have the potential to cause landslides and floods or flash floods so that people are also expected to stay away from riverbanks, bodies of water or flood-prone areas, and slopes prone to landslides when heavy rains occur. “The public and relevant stakeholders are also advised to always update weather information given the rapidly changing weather conditions, weather information can be accessed via social media BMKG Papua (Facebook, Twitter, Intstagram, Whatsapp, Telegram), BMKG Info application, or can contact UPT. The nearest BMKG,” he said again.

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