The Concept of Culture-Based Teaching and Learning in the Bintang Mountains, Papua – The government of the Bintang Mountains Regency (Pegubin), Papua, steadily strive to improve Human Resources (HR), one of which is by applying the concept of the culture-based learning.

Isak Samuel Snanfi, a teacher at SD Imppres Esipding, Serambakon Sub-district, Gunung Bintang Regency, said that the concept of culture-based learning has been implemented to elementary and junior high school students, in collaboration with the Alirena Foundation.

“Currently, we teach students by using natural resources around us, such as sweet potatoes, taro, water, plants and others. It is undeniable that this method is more understood by children than they have to learn by means of books,” said Isak in Oksibil, Thursday (12/8/2021).

For him, natural resources can be used as a place for learning such as for learning mathematics, exact sciences, religion and others. In fact, this method is easier for students to understand.

The same thing was said, by Dion, a supervising teacher at SMPN Ok Aom. In his view, the concept of culture-based learning is currently being applied at three points, namely Ok Aom, Iwur and Oksibil Districts, with the same schedule and curriculum. It’s just that the way of teaching and learning has changed. Regarding the curriculum, he said, nothing has changed. It’s just called the Bintang Mountains Culture Curriculum.

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Meanwhile, a Head of the Bintang Mountains Education Office, Anandias Kalakmabin said, the presence of 22 mainstay teachers and assistants from the Alirena Foundation greatly helped the learning process for students, both learning materials of Bahasa Indonesia, English, chemistry and others, because of so far, what has been applied in schools is: curriculum 13, causing students to be unable to understand it.

In the same place, the Head of the Planning and Development Agency for the Bintang Mountains Region, Harryadi Widjasena said that of the more than 10 thousand elementary school students in Pegubin, only 3 thousand entered junior high school, and out of 3 thousand only 700 continued to high school level, while the rest preferred not to continue school, since they are bored and bored with the learning curriculum.  As the result, the HDI of Governors is very low. That’s why the Regent and Deputy Regent Spei Y. Bidana – Piter Kalakmabin chose to change the concept of teaching and learning by collaborating with the Alirena Foundation, Bogor.

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