Tembiluk Animals, Papuan Worms Believed to be a Malaria Remedy

goodmorningpapua.com – Tembiluk or tambelo is an edible wood borer worm. Tembiluk animals are the typical attraction in Papua for people who are looking for extreme culinary delights.

Tembiluk animals have the Latin name Bactronophorus thoracites. This animal actually belongs to the group of molluscs or shelled invertebrates. However, because many live in rotten wood, these animals are often called worms.

Tambelo has a similar appearance to earthworms, but with a larger size. This animal has two distinctive fangs. It is white and slimy. Tambelo is found in the Western Pacific, Papua, and Sulawesi.

Tambelo worms are considered as one of the extreme culinary delights that must be tried when in Papua. You can try it if you visit Timika. Local people regard the tambelo worm as a highly nutritious snack, even as a traditional medicine. Tambelo worms are usually consumed rawly or cleaned without cooking.

According to people who have tried this extreme culinary, it tastes like shellfish with a salty and sweet taste. Local residents believe that this tembiluk animal can be used as a cure for malaria, appetite, and increase breast milk. This has become a cultural belief in Papua, although it has not been scientifically proven.

According to the Bogor Agricultural Institute, the nutrient content of the tembiluk is 82.51 percent water. In addition, it contains 8.21 percent protein, 3.34 percent fat, and 3.67 percent carbohydrates.

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