Tatoiri Clam, a Seafood from the Cendrawasih bay Area of Nabire

goodmorningpapua.com – The Kapotar Island is so unique, although small, there is in the southwest part of the island the Mambekora Lake. This lake has salty water, to reach it, from the beach along the path in the coconut garden for about 100 meters. This lake has clear water, the edges are bordered by rocks and overgrown with trees.

The Mambekora Lake has endemic biota, namely clam attached to coral walls or to wood, at first glance the shape is ugly and unattractive. But don’t be mistaken, it’s very tasty. This type of clam is not found anywhere else, only found in Mambekora Lake.

Tatoiri clams, that’s the name. For the people of Mambor, it is considered a snack or meal, of course it is healthier because it does not use seasonings and preservatives.

A researcher from the Papua Archaeological Center, Hari Suroto, said that the Tatoiri clams are only found in the Mambekora Lake, southwest of Kapotar Island. This island is a small one in the Moora Archipelago, Cendrawasih Bay area, Nabire, Papua.

The way to cook Tatoiri clams is unique too. After cleaning with sea water, these clams are then doused with hot water. Take silent for a while, and the clams can be enjoyed immediately. Use a small knife to pry open the slightly hard shells.

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In Papua, the dish of Tatoiri clams is not the main dish. “This is just a snack or light food,” said Hari Suroto.

Tatoiri clams are considered for the people of Mambor as a snack, of course it is healthier because it is more natural; no seasonings and no preservatives in it.

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