Taking a Peek at the Visit of the General Director of Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Wamena Jayawijaya

goodmorningpapua.com – A General Director of Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Hilmar Farid, visited a Tourist Village and coffee commodity in Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya Regency, Papua on Tuesday 1 February 2022.

The tourist objects visited were Mummy Tourism Village in Jiwika, Kerulu District, Pasir Putih and the location for Arabica Coffee development in Waga-Waga Village.

Hilmar said there were two points seen in this visit, namely physical and the second was non-physical. For the physical, especially in the Mumi Jiwika Village, previously there was a development plan from the Ministry of PUPR, but it has not been carried out.

“Physically it is not too big, only road repairs and infrastructure needs. Maybe it’s more important for non-physical, because cultural activities in Jayawijaya have stopped for 2 years,” he explained.

In his view, in Jayawijaya Regency, people live with culture, such as in the Mumi Jiwika tourist attraction, which still relies on tourism, festivals and tourist visits for its income.

“What we need to think about is how to revive the festival which had been stalled for so long,” he said.

Hilmar explained that the discussion with the local tourism office was to hold a festival in Jayawijaya consistently.

“It’s impossible to just do one or two festivals and then get ceased. The hope is that there should be a festival that is sustainable, consistent. It means, don’t finish with just one festival, so this will be discussed for what kind of annual festival,” he said.

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He mentioned that the Jiwika Mummy tour has been a place for a long time, but has not seen any stipulation of cultural heritage.

“This is important for the protection of tourist attractions, because tourism is like a double-edged sword which is feared if many people visit and there will be changes in the local community,” he said.

He believes that the establishment of cultural heritage is important to be built to protect the community.

Meanwhile, for the development of Wamena Arabica Coffee, one of those visited was owned by Hubertus Marian who has used geographical indications, such as his coffee farm, including the existence of a cooperative to better packaging of coffee.

 “What is lacking is the matter of protection, because of geographical indications, people can use Wamena coffee, which can be used anywhere. For example, coffee comes from another area, but it is called Wamena Coffee, so that if it is provided geographical indications, rights to seeds, processes, and methods of manufacture to be protected,” he said.

He has confirmed that geographical indications have been entered at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, but have not yet been ratified.

“Applications must be carried out with continuous monitoring, because the brand printing exists in Java, then sent to Wamena. This is the same, for example, on paper, any product can be included, in the name of Wamena Coffee,” he said.

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His party has explained this to farmers and the development of the Wamena KPI to help monitor this geographical indication so that there is no misuse.

In the same place, the Regional Secretary for Jayawijaya, Thony M Mayor, Spd, MM stated that this visit could improve and increase the local culture in Jayawijaya.

“The central government is expected to convey cultural values, such as Mummy tourism so that it can provide positive information and can attract tourists both domestic and foreign, as well as having an economic impact on the people in Jayawijaya,” he said.

Meanwhile, the development of coffee in Wamena is quite good, from processing to packaging, so that it is not inferior to other regions. “The development of Wamena Coffee has been able to maintain the quality of the coffee itself,” he explained.

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