Synergy of All Elements Needed in Managing the Economic Potential of the Village at Papua –  Head of the Government Section of Jayapura City, Supri, said it needed synergy of all elements in managing the economic potential at the village so that it had an impact on the welfare of the people.

“If each village has been able to utilize, manage, and develop the economic potential in the village independently, the prosperity of the community will come true,” said Supri at the Mayor’s Office of Jayapura-Papua, Friday (/ 5/2021).

Supri said that the economic potential that people in the village at the capital of Papua Province can exploit is by developing the management of tourism, fishery, and agro-business or healthy agriculture destinations.

“All of these have the potential to raise the welfare of the community in the village if it is managed seriously. For that, cooperation, coordination and synergy are needed so that the village community can benefit from managing the existing economic potential, “said Supri.

Deputy Mayor of Jayapura, Rustan Saru, said that to build the economy in the village, the head of village and the residents must innovate to be more sensitive in exploring possible economic potential.

“Actually, there are a lot of economic potentials that can be managed properly, only how to use them, let elone the large amount of budget support from the regional government and the central government for economic management in the village,” said Rustan.

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Rustan said, the annual budget for each village starting from Rp. 5 billion to Rp. 10 billion should have improved the community in the village both for the economy and for infrastructure improvements.

“There are lots of funds, if we unite in managing these funds for the common good,  the village will be prosperous, so will people within it. Let’s improve synergy, coordination and communication in managing the economy in the village for the common good, “said Rustan.

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