Supporting Economic Growth, CB150R Streetfire to Be Present in Papua Motor of Papua presents the All New CB 150R Streetfire with a new design that is increasingly massive and aggressive like a motor of big bike for the lovers of naked sport motorA Region Head of Astra Motor Papua, Wendy Tenario, said that the All New CBR150R Streetfire will be introduced virtually for the Papua and West Papua regions. The launch will be broadcast live on Sunday, June 20, 2021 starting at 20:00 CEST.

“The launch of the All New CB150R Streetfire will last for 1 hour and be enlivened with entertainment performances by stand-up comedy Yewen and a talkshow community by Satu Hati Streetfire Club Jayapura (SHSCJ),” said Wendy at a press conference in Jayapura, Monday, June 14, 2021.

Wendy explained that the All New CB150R StreetFfre has high performance in every round thanks to the application of a 150cc, DOHC 4 valve, 6 speed, and liquid-cooled engine.

“The All New CB150R Streetfire also provides a pleasant driving sensation with a maximum speed of up to 125 km/h, but still produces an efficient fuel consumption rate of 40.5 km/l based on the ECE testing method.

In addition to having high performance, the All New CB150R Streetfire has been completed with a decent appearance big bike adoption of inverted front suspension to support the activities of naked sport motorbike lovers in the Papua and West Papua regions.

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The latest changes to the All New CB150R Streetfire are seen in the larger body design. This is achieved through various design changes at the front such as the gas tank, shroud, and undercowl in the special edition variant.

These changes are combined with the addition of the best features that add to the valor for the best-selling motor sport of Honda. Such as the inverted front suspension and the latest wide tapered hands providing a daily and long-distance driving comfort.

The display of latest full digital panel meter also provides complete information for the driving needs of its users. Especially for the Special Edition (SE) variant, the All New CB150R Streetfire is pinned in Burnt Titanium color on the handlebars and wheels. R40 with EURO 3 standards,” he explained.

“This naked sport motorbike looks even more dashing with the undercowl pinned at the bottom of the motorbike. There is also a 3D emblem logo on the gas tank to give the driver more pride. This will increase the purchasing power so that the economy grows,” he explained.

The All New CB150R Streetfire will come with LED lights in all lighting systems with long endurance. The high-tech sensation can be felt on the latest digital indicator panel containing the complete information with a compact design and visibility

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