Study Fee Assistance for 6 Native Nabire Tribes – A Nabire Regent, Mesak Magai, said he would relieve the cost of studying for students from the six native tribes of Nabire Regency, Papua. This was stated by Magai in an open meeting of the Satya Wiyata Mandala Nabire University Senate on Friday (11/19/2021).

Magai stated that the tuition assistance for students from the six indigenous Nabire tribes is expected to increase their opportunities to study.

“I am concerned about students from the six indigenous Nabire tribes. So far, many have not attended college due to a lack of study fees,” said Magai in an open meeting of the Satya Wiyata Mandala Nabire University Senate.

During the meeting, Magai did not mention which indigenous Nabire tribes would receive the tuition assistance. “The six tribes are Wate, Yaur, Yeresiam, Mora, Umari and Gua,” said Magai via WhatsApp message, Saturday (11/20/2021).

He emphasized that he would try to ease the study load of students from the six indigenous Nabire tribes after collecting data. Data collection on prospective beneficiaries will be done at the village level, so that the assistance will be right on target.

The chairman of the Wiyata Cenderawasih Foundation, Thomas Yawan, said that his party wanted a two-story campus library building, so that it could become a means of supporting the campus.

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 “We want a two-story library building. As a supporting activity for the Tri Dharma, the university library has several functions including the function of education, information resources, research, recreation, publications,” said Yawan.

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