Sorong Regency Creative Economy Gets Developed, Papua Provincial Government Becomes a Role Model of Development

goodmorningpapua.comSeeing the excellent development of the creative economy in the Sorong district, the provincial government of Papua will stipulate it a role model for the development of a number of districts in its territory.

Sorong Regency is the mother district in the Greater Sorong region, besides having a fairly large area and an easy-to-reach geographical location, there is also business growth from a number of companies developing in this area.

It is what motivates the provincial government of Papua to make Sorong a model district for a number of districts in Papua whose development is still hampered.

The district government of Sorong welcomes the positive things from the Papua province, which makes Sorong district a model of development. Of course, the regency government of Sorong also continues to improve and increase a development of all fields, for the sake of the welfare of the community.

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