Social Assistance to a Catholic Church of Kristus Penebus Hepuba, Papua – A Deputy Regent of Jayawijaya, Marthin Yogobi, provided assistance for the completion of the building of Catholic Church of Kristus Penebus Hepuba , Asolokobal District, Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

According to Martin, the assistance provided by the government in completing the construction of a rectory or church is still very limited. But the self-sufficiency of the people is the most important basis in completing a work in the church environment.

“Maximum, other churches can be assisted to complete the remaining work,” he said.

He explained that the Catholic community is known as a missionary and independent church, so that not everything can be solved with help.

“This means that the self-sufficiency of the people becomes the main capital in the context of completing work related to the church,” he said.

He explained that the assistance provided from the government could only help reduce the volume of work that was in progress and the people themselves were completing it until the construction could be completed.

He believes that the independence of the congregation is one of the main assets in the context of building a church or presbytery, because the ability of the people to complete the construction is very much needed.

“The important capital in completing the construction of the rectory building is the independence of the people, the assistance provided by the government is also limited, it cannot be completed 100 percent. Independent people who can complete the building themselves,” said Martin Yogobi

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He explained that during his visit to Asolokobal District, he gave donations in the form of ceramics and 15 bags of cement, as well as provided musical instruments in the form of 2 guitars and a pulpit for the people in Yalolo District, where the request was submitted last year.

“I hope that with this little assistance I can complete the rectory building in Asolokobal District so that it can be used,” he said.

The Deputy Regent also stated that the assistance provided was assistance that could be provided quickly. Meanwhile, other aids are still difficult to fulfill because they still have to be sought in Jayapura or Jakarta. Therefore, his party hopes that this assistance will be used properly and become an injection of enthusiasm for the people.

“If you want to say government assistance, it is only a stimulus so that people can work together to complete the 90 percent rectory building in Asolokobal District,” he explained.

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