Slank Introduces a Restaurant Chef in the Middle of Papua Forest – Slank personnel met one of the Chefs from Papua, namely Chef Charles Toto. The man who is familiarly called Chef Chato is known as a cooky who likes to introduce typical cuisine of Papua.

In fact, Chef Chato introduced Papuan cuisine to foreign countries. Chef Chato has a restaurant amid the jungle by the name of Ungkea Jungle Resto founded with the motto of touching.

“In accordance with our motto, the forest is a partner for Papuans to shop without using money. That is the basis for us to build a restaurant amid the forest,” said Chef Chato in the Slank Vaccine program for Indonesia on Metro TV.

“From there it also becomes a record of the activities of the Papuan people living in that area. Because we can tell a lot of things there,” he added.

 Since establishing a restaurant in the middle of the forest until now, of course there are challenges behind it. But for Chef Chato, courage is the main thing that must always be upheld in preserving local wisdom through food.

            “Yes, this is an obstacle we actually have to do, especially be brave. For example, Papeda or black gravy fish are considered by young people as tacky food. Even though this traditional food is the identity of a nation,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Media Group together with Slank launched a social campaign entitled “Slank Vaccine for Indonesia”. This campaign is an effort to awake together from the pandemic and increase optimism towards a new normal by continuing to maintain physical and mental health.

Vaccine in this heading doesn’t just mean “medicine” or “anti-virus.” However, it is also an effort to strengthen our mentality and spirit in the midst of difficulties due to the pandemic.

“Slank and Media Group made a movement with the theme ‘Slank Vaccine for Indonesia’. We hope that through music and dialogue, this event can keep stamina due to the impact of the pandemic on our lives, so that we remain keen” explained Slank’s drummer, Bimbim.

 “We entertain to be happy, so that our immunity increases too. We invite people not to be afraid to be vaccinated. This is one solution to prevent the pandemic,” he added.

The “Vaccine for Indonesia” program was aired on Metro TV every Friday, in this show, Slank not only presents music, but also shows trips to a number of places and interacts with people from various social backgrounds.

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