Serafi Anelies Unani, A Papuan Woman Ever Has Recorded a Sport Achievement at the Asian Level –  Even though in Papuan culture sometimes women just support men from behind without speaking or expressing opinions while sitting in the traditional forum, but now Papuan women are making achievements in sports.

One of them is Serafi Anelies Unani. It is rare for a Papuan female athlete to excel in the 100 meter sprinter. Serafi Anelies Unani is a gold medalist at the 2011 SEA Games in Palembang.

Wherein in this prestigious number Serafi won a gold medal with a time of 11, 69 seconds. Serafi’s achievement is at the same time answering the absent of the title of Indonesian female sprinter for 12 years since the last medal at the 1999 Sea Games in Jakarta. Since then, this Surbaya University alumnus has been called the fastest woman in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia won the gold medal in the 100 meter run of female in the last SEA Games in 1999. At that time the gold was donated by Irene Truitje Yoseph at the 1999 SEA Games in Brunei Darussalam. Previously, Indonesia won gold in this prestigious number in 1979 on behalf of Henny Maspaitella.

The woman who was born in Surabaya 31 years ago, will strengthen the East Java athletic team in PON Papua 2021. Currently, she is training independently to prepare for the PON of Papua.

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The gold medalist at the PON XVIII admits that he will end his athletic career after participating in the Papua PON XX in Jayapura. Will Serafin succeed in winning a gold medal in Papua? Wait a minute, in Papua there are also a lot of female sprinter who are ready to obstruct her.  

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