Securing Papua from KKB, 2 Police Had Gunshot Wounds, Bharada Komang Got Fall – Tragedy of the shootout between the TNI-Polri and the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) occurred again in Ilaga, Puncak Regency,Papua. One policeman was slain and two others injured.

“(a policeman victim) the one was not too bad, the second was hit  on his back and immediately carried out the surgery acts. The other one was died”, said Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D.

Mathius explained that the three members shot by the KKB were part of the Task Force of Law Enforcement of Nemangkawi Operation. Now three such victims have been evacuated to Mimika.

“We have evacuated all the victims to Mimika. The victims are members of the Task Force of Law Enforcement. We are remaining to pursue them, the TNI-Polri apparatus will not take a step back,” said Mathius.

Based on information, five KKB members also died in this gun battle. “For those who (five KKB members were killed) are still waiting for confirmation,” said Papua Police Deputy Chief Brigadier General Eko Rudi Sudarto on a separate occasion.

Still from the gathered information, a shootout occurred at 08.00 WIT at the vicinity of Lumawi Headquarters, Makki Village, Ilaga Utara District, Puncak Regency. The force engaged in battle with the KKB group led by Lekagak Telenggen.

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Here are 3 names of the shot police:

1. Bharada I Komang (died)

2. Ipda Naton Tonapa (wounded)

3. Bripka Moh. Syaifudin (wounded)

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