Restoration of Turf Supports Empowerment of Papuan Villages – An efforts to conserve nature and empower communities can be carried out in tandem. One of them is through the peat restoration program by the Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) which also supports the empowerment of villages in Papua and West Papua.

Peat restoration and village empowerment in Tanah Papua are conducted by means of the collaboration of BRG and the Partnership Institute through the Village Cares for Peat (DPG) scheme.

This scheme has a strategic agenda that starts with mapping indigenous territories. Furthermore, strengthening the village regulations, integrating peat restoration agendas into village planning, and increasing the added value of local products.

The establishment of a multi-stakeholder forum is the final stage that completes the strategic agenda of this program. From February 2019 to May 2020, the DPG scheme has made various achievements. This activity yielded 10 participatory maps of customary areas and created 10 Peat Care Villages.

In addition, economic strengthening can also be realized through two Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMKa) and 200 people involved in increasing economic capacity and small businesses. Besides, eight villages have also integrated peat restoration into their village planning.

In addition to contributing to the village, this program also supports sustainable development in Papua in general.

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Among others, realizing local economic empowerment and women, supporting participatory mapping, and realizing inclusive development for indigenous peoples. In addition, the DPG program also increases disaster resilience and strengthens household financial literacy.

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