Regarding KKB of Papua, a Priest in Beoga: People Get Angry, Landlords Get Angry, God Gets Angry

Regarding KKB of Papua, a Priest in Beoga: People Get Angry, Landlords Get Angry, God Gets Angry – A Priest in Beoga, Puncak, Papua, testifies that the Armed Criminal Group [KKB] rape country girls. The witness about cruelties of KKB in Beoga conveyed by a Nemangkawai Task Force via the written press statement on April 17, 2021.

“We, shepherds [church] are not considered anymore. Our village [Beoga] gets black because of [KKB]”, said Priest Jupinus Wama.

It should be noted that Priest Jupinus Wama is from Julukoma Village, Beoga District. He was also an official accompanying TNI dan Polri officers who saw a Crime scene processing at the school burned by KKB. The criminal hord burns a school bulding, kills two migrant teachers, destroys the houses of the natives, and rapes the resident girls who were under age. Priest Jupinus eventually expresses his heart. He cannot allow KKB savage act.

“Regarding KKB case, people get angry, landlords get angry, God gets angry. We all get angry. They were not only destroying school building, but also undermining our daughters. We stay at home, our houses was ruined either”, Jupinus said. Priest Jupinus said that a number of residents actually were still worried about the emergence of KKB.  The presence of TNI-Polri officials make Priest Jupinus and inhabitants feel safe. In the last week, KKB had caused four lives lost, including the lives of residents who work as teacher to motorcycle taxi driver.  KKB ruins schools and resident’s houses, and burns down a house of Beoga legislator member.

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