Realizing Equity, Here are Some Infrastructures in Papua and West Papua – The government through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) is committed to realizing reliable infrastructure development in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. This aims to reduce the poverty rate and cost index, as well as to evenly distribute infrastructure development around Indonesia. For the sake of supporting it, the Ministry of PUPR synergizes with ministries/agencies and local governments.

Based on current data, the physical and financial progress of infrastructure development in Papua in FY 2021 are 37.95 percent and 41.06 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, in West Papua Province, Rp 3.75 trillion was allocated, which was used for natural resources of Rp. 543.27 billion, roads and bridges of Rp. 2.66 trillion, settlements of Rp. 312.23 billion, and housing of Rp. 228.83 billion.

Until now, the physical progress of infrastructure development in West Papua for the 2021 FY is 44.09 percent and the financial is 42.9 percent. Basuki said that one of the ways to increase the welfare of the Papuan people was to open up the isolation of the region. In addition, increasing access and connectivity from land and multimodal, such as the construction of the Trans-Papua Road with a total length of 3,462 kilometers.

Of the total length, currently the road that has been going through is 3,446 kilometers, namely with a paved condition of 1,733 kilometers, 1,712 kilometers of unpaved roads, and 16 kilometers remaining unpaved. This year, the handling of the Trans-Papua Road is 139 kilometers long and West Papua 120 kilometers including new construction, road openings, and structural or pavement improvements.

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In addition, the PUPR Ministry is also completing the construction of a border road in Papua with a total length of 1,098 kilometers. Currently, it has been penetrated and has been paved along 931 kilometers and 756 kilometers, respectively. This year, the 34 kilometer long border road in Papua is also being worked on, including new construction, road opening and structural or pavement improvement.

In border areas, the PUPR Ministry built the Yetetkun Cross-Border Post (PLBN) with 8 percent construction progress and completed in April 2022, as well as the Sota PLBN which was completed in 2020, including market facilities. To support the development of human resource capacity (HR), as many as 179 schools and religiosities have been rehabilitated, 1 State University (PTN), and 8 sports facilities in Papua.

Besides, the Ministry of PUPR also conducts training for human resources in construction services involving Papuan and West Papuan partners. For increasing the local economic growth, the rehabilitation or reconstruction of Wouma Market in Wamena has been accomplished in FY 2020 with a budget of Rp 2.1 billion and 403 shop houses in Wamena post-social conflict with a budget of Rp 138.6 billion.

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