Quran and Iqra for West Papuan Muslim Children

goodmorningpapua.com – Laznas BMH strengthens the preaching and education of the Quran in West Papua, to be precise in the village of Kamundan District, Teluk Bintuni Regency.

“This location is the furthest district in Teluk Bintuni Regency. Its position is directly adjacent to Fakfak Regency and South Sorong Regency. So the journey from Manokwari takes six hours by land by double axle type car. If by sea using a Jongsong boat, it takes about five hours, “explained the Head of BMH West Papua Representative, Wasmanto.

In addition, Kamundan District Village is the only location where all residents are Muslim. Everyday residents earn income by being fishermen and hunting deer in the forest.

“We are glad that BMH came to bring the Quran and Iqra. We have been waiting for this assistance for a long time,” said the local Koran teacher, Abdul Muthallib, who is a native of Kamundan.

Residents also hope that this assistance will further strengthen the preaching and education of the Quran in their village. “They even expect that there is a construction of prayer room [Musholla] program in their village so that worship and education can run better,” said Wasmanto.

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