Quick Act of Jayapura Local Government for Assisting Gajah Mada Flood Victims

goodmorningpapua.com – The Jayapura Regency Government through the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and the Sentani District handed over aid to flood victims at the Yahim Gajah Mada Permai Housing, Sentani District, Tuesday 11 January 2022.

The assistance in the form of basic necessities and baby equipment was handed over by the Head of the Sentani District, Eroll Daisiu and representatives of the BPBD of Jayapura Regency directly at the Flood Command Post, Yahim Village.

A Head of the Sentani District, Eroll Daisiu said the assistance was a form of the Jayapura Government’s concern to relieve the burden of all flood victims in the area.

“This aid doesn’t just cease at this stage, but the government will try to continue to distribute aid according to the needs of the residents,” said Eroll.

Erol admitted that several points were also affected by the recent high rainfall. Such as Ifale and Hobong villages, although the conditions are not as bad as in the Gajah Mada housing area.

“In Sentani City, there are also about 18 houses registered and they are indeed affected by the high rainfall. We will submit the data to BPBD,” said Eroll.

Ramli Mui, a resident of Gajah Mada Housing said that there were 46 families who were victims of the flood, while 15 other families were affected by the flood in the Gajah Mada area.

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Currently, said Ramli, residents choose to stay in the shelter post for flood victims until the water begins to recede. “At night, most of the men staying at home, while the mothers and children all take refuge in the post,” explained Ramli.

Ramli also complained about the condition of the residents who are now getting malaria, sore throat and athlete’s foot. In addition to health matters, Ramli also hopes that the Jayapura Government can normalize rivers in the Gajah Mada housing area, so as to avoid the threat of flooding.

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