Puskod of UKI Cares for Education in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Center for Regional Autonomy Studies (Puskod), Faculty of Law, Indonesian Christian University (FH UKI) held an online press conference, Tuesday (12/14/2021) entitled Papua Education Report Towards 2022.

A man also attending this event were the Founder of the Puskod of FH UKI and DPD RI member from Central Kalimantan Province Teras Narang, a Head of the UKI FH Puskod Reinhard Parapat, the Executive Secretary of the UKI FH Puskod Hendry Pandiangan, and the Senior Advidsor of the UKI FH Puskod) Henry Thomas Simarmata, and Daniel Pradina (Puskod FH UKI) and a number of lecturers and students.

The UKI FH Puskod conveyed a number of recommendations to get the attention of the government and various parties in 2022. First, it is necessary to improve fundamentally and as soon as possible the education and education personnel in Papua.

“This is stated in concrete steps to support current education and teaching staff in various regions in Papua,” said Henry Thomas Simarmata.

Second, the UKI FH Puskod also encourages the creation of an educational climate so that a participatory learning process occurs and creates a process of mutual respect between the various components of the nation.

Third, the UKI FH Puskod emphasizes the importance of community components in Papua, especially Papuan Orang Asli (OAP) to play a substantive role in education.

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Fourth, the UKI FH Puskod also emphasizes to reduce obstacles to education, especially in terms of overlapping policies, conflicts or violence that spreads to the education space. Including to encourage the realization of good educational facilities and infrastructure.

Fifth, it is necessary to immediately strengthen and protect the role of teachers in areas where education is most needed.

Responding to the recommendation, Teras Narang as the founder of the UKI FH Puskod, emphasized that every citizen of the nation receives elementary, secondary and high education as an important part of their lives.

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