Pursuing a Herd Immunity, Jayapura City Police Open 9 Vaccination Outlets

goodmorningpapua.com – The Jayapura City Police continue to strive to provide Covid-19 vaccination services to the community. To pursue a herd immunity or communal immunity, Polresta opened 9 vaccination booths in different locations.

A Jayapura City Deputy Chief of Police, AKBP Supraptono said 9 vaccination booths would be opened to serve people in the Papuan capital who had not yet been vaccinated on Wednesday, December 14, 2021.

There are 9 vaccination outlet locations, starting from Mega Waena, Tanah Hitam Hypermart, Vim Village Office, PTC Entrop, Hamadi Fisheries Hall, Jayapura Mall, Papua Police Tennis Court, Bhayangkara I Inpres State Elementary School and the Miftahul Amal Koya Timur Mosque Courtyard.

“The achievement of vaccination itself for the Jayapura City area has reached 74.91 percent, but this does not make us satisfied before reaching at least 90 percent of the population of the city’s residents who are vaccinated,” said Supraptono.

In addition to open vaccination booths, said Supraptono, Jayapura City Police will maximize the role of Bhayangkara Pembina Kamtibmas (Bhabinkamtibmas) to provide socialization to the community.

The former Waropen Police Chief invited the people of Jayapura City to participate in the vaccination booth. In addition to get benefits, the Jayapura City Police have also provided attractive prizes for people who get vaccinated.

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“This vaccination is to establish herd immunity to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, vaccine participants also get more benefits because prizes are provided for them,” said Supraptono.

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