Prudential Supports the Youth Entrepreneurship Growth in Papua

PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia) continued the second wave of Entrepreneurship Education for Young People, which was attended by 282 young entrepreneurs in Papua.

A Government Relations and Community Investment Director of Prudential Indonesia Nini Sumohandoyo, explained that this program aims to encourage economic growth in eastern of Indonesia.

Assisted by Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI) in carrying out the inauguration for 40 prospective young entrepreneurs, they are committed to continuing this program in order to create new young entrepreneurs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Education Program is an entrepreneurship training and mentoring a program for Papuan youth aged 18-35 years. This program is a part of Prudential Indonesia’s Community Investment initiative, under the Empowerment of East Indonesia pillar, to empower and prosper local communities in Papua.

This program with an international curriculum that has been specifically adapted for the people in Papua has entered the second wave, the Youth Entrepreneurship Education Program has started since December 15, 2020 and will run until June 2022.

The online training method actually allows participants of the program in Jayapura to gain knowledge from business mentors who have a reputation at the national level.

Chairman of the Executive Board of Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Pribadi Setiyanto, said, “PJI is excited to be working with Prudential Indonesia again in carrying out the Youth Entrepreneurship Education program in Papua. This is indicated by the existence of new business fields initiated in the second wave of this program, such as vegetable and fish cultivation, animal husbandry, and English language courses.

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