Prioritizing Education, 10 Papuan Students Get Scholarships to Study in the United States – The Hope Language Institute (PHLI) dormitory building was finally inaugurated on Monday (12/7/2021) by Triwarno Purnomo as an Expert Staff of the Governor of Papua for Special Autonomy Handling.

In addition to inaugurating the dormitory, Triwarno also released 10 superior Papuan students to study at Corban University, United States.

The 10 students are scheduled to leave for America on August 1, 2021. The 10 native Papuan students received scholarships sourced from Special Autonomy Funds (Otsus).

A Secretary of the Human Resources Development Agency of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Republic of Indonesia (BPSDM) Papua, Anthony Mirin said that special autonomy scholarships (Otsus) for Papuan children are provided to those who are ready to compete.

“Currently we (the government) can only facilitate, the rest are children themselves who have to fight,” said Triwarno to on the sidelines of the activity.

It is said, on the basis of the vision and mission of the Governor of Papua, namely Papua to rise, be independent, prosperous and just, it is something to do in order to increase the competitiveness of Human Resources (HR).

“Educating the mind alone without educating the heart is the opening of true education. Education is like art that educates character,” said Triwarno.

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Triwarno hopes that young Papuans who get the opportunity can use the opportunity well.

“Please, come as much knowledge as possible and apply self-discipline so that when returning, you can build Papua,” he hoped.

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