Pontius Kalanangame, Getting Success for Business of the Laying Pullet from Amungme Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A laying pullet entrepreneur from Amungme, Pontius Kelanangame, is now a successful to be a breeder of laying pullet. Only starting from the intention for being a successful laying pullet breeder, Pontius is now one of the business figures from Amungme who deserves to be proud and deserves to be followed by most other businessmen.

“In the early, I only had an intention. Incidentally at first I was just an unemployed, not yet to be a civil servant. I saw the farm in SP12 and it became a great desire to try it when I had the capital,” said Pontius Kalanangame, to reporters during a press tour, at his business residence, SP III Kampung Karang Glad, Friday.

With the great desire Pontius had, he then submitted a proposal worth 50 million for business capital to the Amungme Community Development Institute (LPMAK) through the Amungme Tribe Economic Bureau in 2012. Then he was asked by LPMAK to present his vision and mission to build a laying pullet farm.

“I submitted a proposal of 50 million to LPMAK, although I know that usually for this first submission, LPMAK does not immediately approve such a large amount of funds, yet only have an intention, so I tried it. LPMAK gave me the opportunity to present my vision and mission,” he said.

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His business is now increasing day by day. Although during this endeavor there were many challenges he faced.

Over time, he is now able to develop this laying pullet business, by adding one cage of laying pullet again through the proceeds he earns by selling chicken eggs.

“One rack of eggs I usually sell for Rp. 53 thousand. I sell to some of my customers. In one day, the eggs can reach 30 shelves, after being unproductive, those chicken are sold again, later I will turn the results back and save it for my business development, “he said.

Currently in his cages there are about 3,241 chickens. Previously, there were 3,362 chickens, but some died due to air temperature and other factors. He told that the capital he had to spend to build this large enough cage cost Rp 98 million, excluding equipment for laying pullet.

Pontius said that this success was not merely an effort from himself, but all because of the support from LPMAK and his family, who have always provided support so that he can be getting success as he is today. Until now, LPMAK still provide management assistance on and on.

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