PON-Peparnas Get Accomplished, Papua Explores Venue Maintenance in Several Regions

goodmorningpapua.com – The Provincial Government and the Papuan House of Representatives (DPR) are exploring ways to maintain sports venues in a number of areas.

“Currently (Disorda) together with an entourage from the DPRP, Special Committee for PON XX and Peparnas XVI are exploring procedures for managing venues in other areas, such as South Sumatra, Palembang, West Java,” said the Head of the Papua Province Sports and Youth Service (Disorda), Alexander Kapisa.

Alex explained that this step was taken to compare how to arrange, manage and maintain the venue after the National Sports Week (PON) and National Paralympic Week (Peparnas).

Not only that, Disorda has also allocated a budget of Rp. 19 billion since 2021 for the maintenance and preservation of the venue. “There are 14 venues built and rehabilitated by the Provincial Government. The context of the maintenance itself has been running since 2020-2021,” he explained.

Alex hopes that the current steps will yield positive results, so that venues in Papua can be managed and used properly for sporting and non-sporting events.

“There is a financing commitment and we must immediately shape how this organization manages. The choice is ourselves, whether it will remain under the Sports Agency through the UPTD, whether in the form of a Public Service Agency (BLU) or professionally, we will form a BUMD,” added Alex.

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