PON of Papua, a Momentum to Put Aside a Difference

goodmorningpapua.com – The XX National Sports Week (PON) which was held on Cendrawasih earth has received support so much from various groups and elements of Indonesian society. Not to be missed, the Papuan leaders who were in Jakarta also gave the spirit of sportsmanship so that the implementation of this grand national sport activity could run smoothly and successfully.

The success of the National Sports Week is our shared responsibility, said the former chairman of the youth division of the Goran Riun foundation, Muhamad Ramli Uswanas in Jakarta, Friday (15/10/2021) night.

The figure of Ramli who is known as an HMI activist is also a native Papuan youth figure. He said that PON XX is not only fighting for prestigious trophies, but more for national unity by upholding sportsmanship.

“We are proud of this nation because of it is very civilized, has high sportsmanship and promotes tolerance for diversity,” he said.

As the son of the Papua region, he also invites all Indonesian people to strengthen the stability of the nation through the National Sports Week. “With the support of high morality and sportsmanship, we are also participating in the success of the XX PON, because then we also provide solutions for Papua’s development,” explained Ramli.

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As a form of realization of the application of culture, he emphasized the importance of the involvement of Papuan youth in these activities. In more detail, he said that sport was able to have a positive impact in order to repulse various issues that could hinder the development and implementation of the XX PON in Papua.

A similar expression was also conveyed by a religious figure from the Goran Riun Foundation, Ust. Asrul Kapailu told reporters. He appealed to the Indonesian people to be more sensitive in building their existence by participating in the success of the XX PON.

“This prestigious sporting event has been passed down from generation to generation, of course it will be the pride of all of us, especially the Papuan people, with a kind and clean heart, let’s welcome the XX National Sports Week in Papua, and leave all differences behind,” he concluded.

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