PLN Guarantees Electricity to Support Economic Growth at Papua – PT PLN (Persero) ensures that the electrical power in the entire Papua region is sufficient to fulfill investment needs which are presumed to rise after the implementation of XX PON.

PLN Regional Business Director for Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua & Nusa Tenggara Syamsul Huda said the success of the four-year sports event shows the readiness of the Papuan people to enter investment.

“With PON in each cluster, it is a portrait that business opportunities in Papua are very potential,” said Huda in his statement, Tuesday (19/10).

According to Huda, investors will consider the sufficency of electricity as a consideration for placing investments.

“The electricity supply is now abundant, we invite investors to enter Papua. All supporting infrastructure for investors is ready,” he said.

Huda gave an example of the peak load in Merauke which is only around 23.2 MegaWatt (MW) of the total power owned which reaches 46.8 MW.

“So the reserve margin (Merauke) is over 50 percent. In fact, if 30 percent is enough for big cities, it’s even 50 percent,” he added.

The same condition was also recorded in Jayapura where during the implementation of PON XX Papua, the highest demand was only 97 MW of the 145 MW electricity capacity.

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This shows that the electricity supply is still very abundant, even though Papua is currently holding activities on a national scale.

The company projects that the abundance of electricity in Papua can be more than 50 MW after the PON and athletes return to their respective areas.

This means that the opportunity for utilization for other economic activities is open, such as the agriculture, fishery, mining, or subsequent sports activities.

Furthermore, the company is committed to continuing to build infrastructure in Papua until next year. One of them, the Timika Substation (GI) of 2×60 MVA will start to operate before the closing of this year.

Then, there will be a 5 MW Sarmi Power Plant, a 2×7 MW Nabire Power Plant, a 150 kV High Voltage Air Line (SUTT) PLTMG Timika-GI Timika 60 kms, a SUTT 150 kV GI Jayapura-GI Angkasa 20 kms, GI Angkasa 60 MVA, and GI Sentani Baru 30 MVA.

“In other areas such as Manokwari, Sorong, Nabire, to Timika, the available power is still quite large. So if there is a sports arena, showroom, business center, fisheries and others, it’s open, you can build shrimp ponds for export. , the power is still sufficient,” he explained.

For information, currently, the total power being capable of the Papua and West Papua electricity systems reaches 468.83 MW. The electricity is supplied from a number of power plants fueled by gas, water, diesel to solar.

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