Pertamina Dex is Present in Jayapura City, here are the Advantages – PT Pertamina (Persero) presented Pertamina Dex in Jayapura City, the capital of Papua, Sunday, January 16. This non-subsidized fuel oil comes in jerry cans.

Pertamina Dex is diesel fuel with the highest Cetane Number, namely 53, if compared to other Gasoil products such as Diesel (Cetane Number 48) and Dexlite (Cetane Number 51).

An Area Manager Communication Relations and CSR Pertamina Patra Niaga Sub Holding Commercial and Trading Regional Papua-Maluku, Edi Mangun said, Pertamina Dex will not just be present at 4 gas stations in Jayapura City but throughout Papua.

Because, continued Edi, Pertamina Dex is packaged in the form of a jerry can, so it is very suitable to be carried when driving long distances. He gave an example of a driver’s habit of carrying spare fuel when traveling overland to Sarmi Regency.

“The driver usually brings fuel reserves to Sarmi. Now, we pack it with a 5 liter jerry can so that it is easy to carry when driving long distances,” he said in Jayapura, Sunday, January 16, 2021.

Pertamina Dex is designed to produce better engine performance and is eco-friendly. Drivers can feel the sensation of a good driving experience when using Pertamina Dex.

“The combustion using (Pertamina Dex) is more perfect, resulting in a much smoother engine sound as well as a more powerful engine performance, because the Cetane Number is 53,” said Edi. Edi added that Pertamina Dex 5 liter jerry cans are sold at a price of IDR 56,750, while the price per liter reaches IDR 11,350.

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